There was a Bird “Jim”

There was a Bird “Jim”

#Story Bite#

Mom… all birds have flown. Rohan complained to her mother after putting grains first time on the terrace. Don’t worry….my child, Within 2-3 days all will become familiar. And till then don’t try to irritate them. “Ok mom”, assured Rohan.

Yess.., now they are playing with me. Mom, now they become my friends. Mom, I nammed them too. He is Tom , he is John, he is Kittu and this cutee is Jim” introduced Rohan by pointing one by one. “It’s good”, “now it’s your duty to care them”, instructed his mother.


“Mom…. they are my friends but still I don’t know where he is living”, oneday asked Rohan. “Look the nest on the mango tree, that’s their dream house”, replied his mother.

Oneday a sharp storm came. The mango tree failed to resist and fall on the ground. Maa… look, all my birds are suffering in the rain and soon Rohan opened the window. And slowly- slowly the birds entered into his room. “Yes, you can live here until you’ve your own nest….”murmerred Rohan. The birds looked him and their chirping looked like they were thanking him…

Oneday a snake entered into the society. Rohan’ve heard about the snake bite in the story. He feared sevearely and start crying. The birds saw him and tweeted like consoling him….but the Jim was not there.


Within a few minutes Jim came with 10-12 birds and attacked aggressively at the snake with their beak . And within the next two minutes snake counted his last breath.



Moral: If you help someone you will also get help and affection as cashback …no matter that’s people , animals or birds.



वो चाँदनी.

A Nostalgic Memory.

पीपल की झुड़मुटों से,

मुंडेरों और खिड़कियों से झाँकती थी चाँदनी।

खेतों और बगीचों में छलकाती थी चाँदनी।।

मनमोहक उस छटा, घटा पर खुद को लुटाती चाँदनी।

चिड़ियों को घर बुलाकर, बाँटती थी चाँदनी।।


जुगनु और चकोरों के, दिल की धड़कन चाँदनी,

आशिकों और अश्कों की तो, पड़छाई थी चाँदनी।।


आशमां भर खुशियाँ लाती,आती थी वो चाँदनी।

जलती धरती शीतल करती, जाती थी वो चाँदनी।।



ताजमहल पर छटा बिखेरती, दिखती थी जो चाँदनी,

महलों और अटारी में अब, खो गई है चाँदनी।

अल्फाजों और नज्मों में जो, सिमट चुकी है चाँदनी।

कटोरी और लोड़ी से तो, छिन सी गई है चाँदनी।।


लाल रोशनी, पीली रोशनी, ढूंढे ना मिली चाँदनी,

फतह किया वो चाँद को भी, ला ना पाया चाँदनी।



ढूँढ-ढूँढ के थक गया पर देख ना पाया चाँदनी,

अंतिम क्षण में गाँव जो पहुँचा, गले से लग गई चाँदनी।।

… …. … …. …

Dearest reader

It’s my first poetry in HINDI. If there’s any error…. please pardon me.

Actually, it was composed under recent lunar eclipse(5-6-2020), but took time because of my schedule.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.




The Eyedrop.

an iota of love.

Hee.., May I help you?

The two unsuccessful attempt and I heard a cheerful voice,

She applied the eyedrop and I fall in love.

She may have laughed over my failure,

And may have melted at the same time.

She might have gathered her courage ,

And may have maintained her texture.

Finally, she came to apply the eyedrop.


That’s the first time…

The first time I recognized her brown hair,

Her hazal eye and the thin curved brow,

Compelled me to have at least a glance.

That’s the first time…

The first time I scaled her fairness,

Her rosy lips and the pinky cheeks,

There’s no need to edit any picks.

That’s the first time…

The first time my ear heard her breathing,

Nose sensed her sweet fragrance,

And eye noticed her beautiful curve.

That’s the first time.


Yes, a blackmole multiplies one’s beauty.

But a mole with a deep dimple is beyond translation.

The dark painted nail and her favourite pink dress,

Her front ringlet and the elastic anklet,

Yes, that’s beyond translation.


And I became die hard fan of her.




The eyedrop brought us very close…

We were very close but too far…

We were too far to merge the eye,

We were too far to observe her heart,

She came to apply the eyedrop,

But too careful to experience a touch.


We neither spoke nor talked a lot,

But heard a lot and understand a lot.


I wanted to love her, I wanted to propose her,

I wanted to tell something and I told something…

“Thanks Mrs.”, “Thanks a lot.”

You Welcome” and her smile,

As evergreen as 80’s music.


The gratitude in me and the affection in her eye,

Melted me…

I melted to feel the unconditional love,

I melted to see the unpredictable love.

I know she is another’s love,

But happy to say…

She loved me once.

One’s love loved me once.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …





The Experience Of First Case In India.


Oh God!

Alone, aloof, lonely in the quarantine,

How can he live without mine.


For the Indian, he is the carrier,

And the first patient for the doctor,

But for me he is only my love.


People’s wish, doctor’s pill can heal,but …

but we all are inexperienced now.


That single breath sensanized the country,

Locked the country, stopped the wheel and ….

and left no way to meet you.


Damn it…!

Temple, Mosque, Church.. everything is locked,

how even can I pray for your health?


Is God scared …

or trying to preach something?

Self reliant, optimism ,sanitation … what’s it?


Sure , Patience, precautions with the pill,

the 3p can, only can heal.


Under mask is right…..but oneday I’ll see my love…

oneday I’ll meet my love.

… … … …