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A boy leaves his palace to become a Samana ,rejects the teaching of an Exalted one in the search of truth. He settles into a city, falls into love ,becomes rich one ,addicted to gambling and wine and again becomes a venerable saga.

# a must-read book #

Yes, I’m talking about a classic fiction of Hermann Hesse “Siddhartha”. The masterpiece introduces with the spiritual journey of an Indian boy in the age of Buddha. Hermann Hesse, a German writer, wrote his 9th novels during a long Indian tour.

There’s a Brahmin boy Siddhartha; sacrificed his house in his early age to join the forest. Within a few years he mastered in all the arts like fasting , thinking, waiting , meditating, breathing, pronouncing OM… and many more. One day he rejected the teachings of an Exalted one Goatma and walked lonely in the search of enlightenment.

He spent a lot of time and learnt a lot and then he wanted to taste the varieties of life flavour. Oneday he shifted in a city and fall in love with a courtesan Kamla. She taught him art of love and also approached with him to a merchant Kamaswami to learn merchandise and also to earn for their demand and desire. He became addicted to gambling, dice, wine, delicious food, palace, money and…. ofcourse Kamla.

Oneday after getting tired of this wordy pleasure he left the city and went to a river where he tried to attempt suicide. But, did he commit suicide…? No….instead he observed the ambience of river bank, learnt a lot from stream and started living with a ferryman Vasudeva as a ferry.

Oneday in a pilgrimage he again met with Kamla who had left prostitution long ago and had became a monk as well as the mother of a child; from the last love with Siddhartha. Soon Kamla, because of a snake bite, counted her last breath in the hut of Siddhartha and left him with his son.

The end of this book incarnate him again as a samna , gifted him the enlightenment and he entered salvation, his childhood goal, in the presence of his childhood friend Govinda.

It’s ending possess plethora of worthy quotes, life lessons and teachings that can help you to find the inner soul and explore true happyness.


It’s hard to capitulate the 164 pages of this spiritual novel into limited words…but I’ve tried my best.

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~ Ankit.

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नए शहर की नई हबा भी ,

प्यारी, मस्तानी लगती है।

उस अनजानी जगहों पे कोई,

जानी-पहचानी रहती है।।


इस मुहल्ले की गली-गली से,

उसकी खुशबू आती है।

उस घर की हर खिड़की से,

उसकी ही आहट आती है।।


बंद आँखों के सपने में बस,

राव सुहानी दिखती है।

उस अनजान सजल आँखों में,

कोई ख्वाव पुरानी दिखती है।।




Career की इस आपा-धापी में,

सब कुछ भूल, बढ जाता हुँ।

पर धुँधली सी यादों वाली,

👀वो आँखें भूल ना पाता हुँ।।👀

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# dedicated to all who preparing for competitive exams….😆😀




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Story that should whisper👂

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Ambe Medico, 18-Oct-2020, there’s only two customers, a boy age of 25-27 and I,much junior to him, were there. He had purchased something and was putting into his bag when the counter uncle said,”hee, give it to me, I’ll wrap it well so that none can see it….or else everybody will taunt and will pass comments.” I looked at the boy , he turned at me and we exchanged a smile. What was that ; badly need wrapper…?

Yeah… you’ve guessed it right. The boy was purchasing a packet of sanitary pad. I thought,” he is purchasing a p..a..d… in a small city where people still consider it as a thing of embarrassment, where elder is used to go for water or starts accessing cell phone when the ad of stay free flashes on TV screen, where girls and women are still used to call it cotton and avoid eye contact while purchasing it and where shopkeepers wrap it keenly in a corner before handing over to the customer…… and here this boy is purchasing it in broad day light”. “He must psychologically bold and strong.”

Again thought,” he is choosing the brand of napkins and telling this green cover is better one in the sense of softness and antibacteria…means, he is possessing a caring attitude towards his family…means, he is a good boy and I must back him, support him here, or else he will be discouraged.

I smiled and told politely,” uncle! the world has changed, now it’s not an embarrassing stuff.” Uncle smiled back and started wrapping the packet and I continued further,” all puberty and menstruation are just biological phenomena for female, so using pad is very essential na… What’s wrong with it?

Another uncle having long & white beard sitting at the cash counter smiled &told,” you are very right son.”

The boy told,”if someone laughs over it…means he is abusing his mother and sisters itself.”

All okey… nowadays people understand it well & take it normally. Girls themselves come & purchase it but…still....”,told the long beard uncle while returning the changed bucks & smiled. We both left the counter after thanking them.


I came to my room but my mind was still there. Despite knowing,” it’s the single way to prevent the fatal and to save the adult XX-chromosome” why people stare it with strange eyes?

The people; having no hesitation while purchasing sexual stimulator are also considering it as a things of embarrassment. The people; argue,” it’s a natural and hormonic things/job while purchasing and carrying protection (even at formal places) are unable to comprehend that menstruation & puberty are also biological phenomena and sanitary pad is a must-not-forget thing.


In the modern world where people works over Moon-migration, Mars mission, Black hole, 5G, COVID vaccine…and what not, there’s some people still here ; believe that sanitary pad is an embarrassing stuff.

It only shows their scarcity of morality and narrow mindset. It shows their ignorance towards their own family & society. And being ignorant towards one’s own mother, sister, and better-half is the most embarrassing thing.

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Train To Pakistaan.

Book review….✍

It was drizzling under the last moon of July 2020 and I was reading “Train To Pakistan.” Yesterday as soon as I finished the book, rain also stopped.

nice co-incidence with ‘the rain’ and ‘the train.’

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If you love to meet romantic fiction only, just skip this book like Youtube advertises. Basically, this book has written in the background of the partition of India and Pakistan. The pen of Khushwant Singh succeed to make realize how misthinking, misleading and misguiding leaded the people towards swords, kripan and fuled them to commit a terrible and horrible massacre, an unforgettable slaughtering. Till previous day whom they were addressing aunty…uncle… brother…sister… were then at the point of their naked dagger. From a newborn child to a teethless old of second community, all became their cross-sword enemy overnight.

None were talking about lost property…..only hue and cry…. People lost their lives, brother lost their sisters, children lost their parents, wife lost their husbands and some lost their organs. On the name of religion they were tortured, they were raped, they were made penisless and send to the opposite bank of Sutlej clothlessly.

Mano Majra; a village of Indian Punjab, where Sikhs and Islams were living peacefully even during partition. Followers of both religion used to meet under Peepul tree, Meet Singh’s Gurudwara, Imam Baksh’s Mosque or sometimes at the only hindu family of that village lambarder Banta Singh’s house. They usually discuss on different happenings, issues, local and religious stuffs…etc.

Iqbal ; a social worker and has studied in Europe , came at Mano Majra as a guest. He is Sikh or Islam….not known.

Jugga; a Sikh gangster, was the lover of Imam Baksh’s daughter Nooran.

Nooran was in family way(with Jugga) while village evacuation and partition but Jugga was imprisoned then.

Hukum Chand,50, a magistrate of the province, was in the love with a Muslim prostitute who was at his daughter’s age.


Oneday a train full with blood and corpses crossed the bridge and stopped at Mano Majra station. And a few days later another train crossed the same Sutlej river with the same type of fleshy parcel. The two ghost train had come from Lahor( Pakistan ) but India and specially Sikhs hadn’t retaliated then. Indigestible

After the evacuation of Muslims of Mano Majra and Chundunagar and after looting their property by a handful of people some khaki uniformed cops knocked the Gurudwara at night. They inflamed and instigated the Sikhs and sikh refugees and made a full proof plan to take revenge with Pakistan.

Plan: put a thick rope upto the ankle length height of train and knot it across the bridge. As soon as the train would pass, the whole Muslim crowd sitting at the rooftop would wipedout, and then use sword, kripan , gun….. mercilessly.

#backcover of the book#

#तलवार के बदले अगर तलवार ही उठाओगे तो सिर्फ तलवार ही बचेगी।।

It was a murky night and the train was without headlight. As per plan all the militants were there with their aims and the train was coming to the bridge with foot to neck loaded refugee. Were they succeed in their plan? Was Jugga saved the life of Nooran and his invitrio baby? What was the role of Iqbal? Was Hukum Chand used his power and rescued the prostitute with all other muslims? Was the urge of Meet Singh’s soul heard by God? Or again truth had to bite the dust?

Was the train safely went on to P..A..K..I..S..T..A..N……?


If you are curious to know all the answers , I recommend you to go through the book. Although book isn’t compiled and compressed well yet it left a strong social message. While reading the historic truth you can probably relate it with Sunny Deol+Amisha Patel’s blockbuster movie ‘Gadar.

#Screenshotted from ‘Gadar’#

If you scrolled your finger till here ;I’ve a surprise for you….

Let’s play a quiz….

Q). Who was at the tighted rope exactly at the nick of the time?

A).Jugga. C). Hukum Chand

B). Meet Singh. D). Iqbal

…….50-50 life line….??

Okk… I’m omitting option ‘B’ and ‘C’…

You can also use one among rest two lifeline…

👉 phone a friend…

👉Read the book👇👇👇



There was a Bird “Jim”

There was a Bird “Jim”

#Story Bite#

Mom… all birds have flown. Rohan complained to her mother after putting grains first time on the terrace. Don’t worry….my child, Within 2-3 days all will become familiar. And till then don’t try to irritate them. “Ok mom”, assured Rohan.

Yess.., now they are playing with me. Mom, now they become my friends. Mom, I nammed them too. He is Tom , he is John, he is Kittu and this cutee is Jim” introduced Rohan by pointing one by one. “It’s good”, “now it’s your duty to care them”, instructed his mother.


“Mom…. they are my friends but still I don’t know where he is living”, oneday asked Rohan. “Look the nest on the mango tree, that’s their dream house”, replied his mother.

Oneday a sharp storm came. The mango tree failed to resist and fall on the ground. Maa… look, all my birds are suffering in the rain and soon Rohan opened the window. And slowly- slowly the birds entered into his room. “Yes, you can live here until you’ve your own nest….”murmerred Rohan. The birds looked him and their chirping looked like they were thanking him…

Oneday a snake entered into the society. Rohan’ve heard about the snake bite in the story. He feared sevearely and start crying. The birds saw him and tweeted like consoling him….but the Jim was not there.


Within a few minutes Jim came with 10-12 birds and attacked aggressively at the snake with their beak . And within the next two minutes snake counted his last breath.



Moral: If you help someone you will also get help and affection as cashback …no matter that’s people , animals or birds.



वो चाँदनी.

A Nostalgic Memory.

पीपल की झुड़मुटों से,

मुंडेरों और खिड़कियों से झाँकती थी चाँदनी।

खेतों और बगीचों में छलकाती थी चाँदनी।।

मनमोहक उस छटा, घटा पर खुद को लुटाती चाँदनी।

चिड़ियों को घर बुलाकर, बाँटती थी चाँदनी।।


जुगनु और चकोरों के, दिल की धड़कन चाँदनी,

आशिकों और अश्कों की तो, पड़छाई थी चाँदनी।।


आशमां भर खुशियाँ लाती,आती थी वो चाँदनी।

जलती धरती शीतल करती, जाती थी वो चाँदनी।।



ताजमहल पर छटा बिखेरती, दिखती थी जो चाँदनी,

महलों और अटारी में अब, खो गई है चाँदनी।

अल्फाजों और नज्मों में जो, सिमट चुकी है चाँदनी।

कटोरी और लोड़ी से तो, छिन सी गई है चाँदनी।।


लाल रोशनी, पीली रोशनी, ढूंढे ना मिली चाँदनी,

फतह किया वो चाँद को भी, ला ना पाया चाँदनी।



ढूँढ-ढूँढ के थक गया पर देख ना पाया चाँदनी,

अंतिम क्षण में गाँव जो पहुँचा, गले से लग गई चाँदनी।।

… …. … …. …

Dearest reader

It’s my first poetry in HINDI. If there’s any error…. please pardon me.

Actually, it was composed under recent lunar eclipse(5-6-2020), but took time because of my schedule.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.






The Experience Of First Case In India.


Oh God!

Alone, aloof, lonely in the quarantine,

How can he live without mine.


For the Indian, he is the carrier,

And the first patient for the doctor,

But for me he is only my love.


People’s wish, doctor’s pill can heal,but …

but we all are inexperienced now.


That single breath sensanized the country,

Locked the country, stopped the wheel and ….

and left no way to meet you.


Damn it…!

Temple, Mosque, Church.. everything is locked,

how even can I pray for your health?


Is God scared …

or trying to preach something?

Self reliant, optimism ,sanitation … what’s it?


Sure , Patience, precautions with the pill,

the 3p can, only can heal.


Under mask is right…..

but, oneday I’ll see my love…

oneday I’ll meet my love.

… … … …

Regard ❤


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